Hi, my name's Luke Twomey, and i'm a web developer.

"What's a web developer?" I hear some of you cry. Put very simply, I make websites.

"What's a website?" I hear one person cry. Time to put the blog down and step away from the Internet buddy.

I'm actually a self-taught web developer, which I'm really quite proud of. Learning at home undeniably presented certain challenges. But having overcome them and emerged on the other side with the requisite skills for the job, I do feel a huge sense of achievement. What makes it even more satisfying is finding employment at the end of the process. In fact, not just bagging a job, but proving to myself (and my employer) that I actually know what I'm doing. It sounds crazy, but up until that point I wasn't quite sure. Yes, I'd learnt things. But were they the right things? Was my thingy knowledge good enough? Should I have learnt more things? You get the picture.

I'm pleased to say I got it right. Turns out I actually do know what I'm doing. Who'd have thought it? I was lucky enough to find a job at Streeten Design in May and I've been learning ever since. I won't go into too much more detail here, but you can discover more about me elsewhere if you so wish.

OK, introductions over. Time for a confession. I'm sure many people would tell you their reason for starting a blog was their love of writing, or a burning desire to share their thoughts with the world. My motivation was a little less innocent. To be brutally honest with you, for an individual in my profession an online presence is vital. What better way to put yourself out there than a blog?

So there you have it, my dirty little secret. I'm doing this to benefit myself. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'd rather repeatedly prod my finger in my eye than write a blog post each week. Quite the opposite in fact. I'm really looking forward to creating something that hopefully people will like. In my opinion the more enthusiasm you have for a project, the greater the chance of success. If you loathe the thought of regularly producing new content and look upon it as a chore, the likelihood of continuing beyond a few months is probably pretty slim. Fortunately, so far my fledgling development career has survived for longer than that. The whole point of becoming a web dev was to do something I enjoy for a living. Hitherto that's absolutely been the case.

Having only just begun my long, winding journey on this career path, it seems a perfect opportunity to create a blog charting my progress along the way. From being in a completely different career, to achieving web development nirvana (hopefully sometime before I die!). I'll explain my reasons behind such a major change in direction, how i went about making it all possible, and what it's been like having successfully made the switch to development.

From then on, you can live vicariously as a web developer through me. I promise I'll do my very best to make it funny and interesting as opposed to boring and soul-destroying. I'd like to appeal to as wide a range of people as possible, so I envision a combination of diarylike posts and more technical/code related posts. Those who aren't remotely interested in the techy stuff can just close their eyes, cover their ears and make "la la la" noises. If I can create something that Betty at number 47 enjoys reading just as much as someone in the industry, then great.

At the end of every post will be a comments section. Please do leave your thoughts/opinions/insults for me to read, I genuinely want to hear them all. You'll make the whole thing so much more fun for me so I'd love for you to get involved.

Similarly, at the end of each post will be a link to the subscription page. If you liked what you read, you can join my mailing list there. I'll send you an email whenever I have some news, or cool new content to share.

Thanks a lot for reading, and once again welcome. Why not let me know what do you think of my first post? Be gentle though, I'm a delicate flower.