Spoiler alert: it finally ended.

Ever since I started at Streeten Design nine months ago, Roger (boss man) has been wanting to re-do the company website. Longer, in fact. He was embarrassed to show it to potential clients as it was very dated and behind the times. Understandable. I thought as much when I visited the website to research the company in preparation for my interview. Come to think of it, if it wasn't for the website needing modernisation, I may not have got the job in the first place.

Having noticed that the website was not responsive, I decided to re-write the homepage of the site to style it for mobile. I showed Roger on my phone at the interview and he loved the initiative! If the website had already been beautifully designed for mobile I wouldn't have been able to pull that ace out of my sleeve. Seems I have more to thank the old website for than I originally thought...

Anyway, soon after starting the job I began developing the new website with some nice design ideas to incorporate that would really bring us up to date and get the modern look we wanted. Problem is, being a successful web design business tends to generate customers. Customers tend to want websites! You can probably already see where this is going. The client work would get prioritised (rightly so) and our poor new website would get left out in the cold. This happened a lot.

The problem is, there's just never enough time to do everything! But don't get me wrong, I'd rather that situation than the alternative. Seeing the Vodafone employees sitting staring into space with a completely empty store every lunchtime makes me wonder how they don't go crazy! Maybe they have? Maybe that's why people don't go in there, I don't know.

Work carried on in this fashion until very recently, when we happily put our new website live. Feels good to finally have it out there and it's nice to know that it was all coded by me! We're still crazy busy with work for other clients, so there'll be plenty of other projects being released very soon.