Luke Through The Keyhole

Luke Through The Keyhole iPad and iPhone Mockup

Luke Through The Keyhole is a blog which originally existed on Blogger, way back before I even became a web developer. I created it so I could add updates while I was travelling in my year off, for friends and family to keep track of where I was and what I was up to.

Armed with the web development knowledge I now possess, it seemed an ideal website to create for myself and move off the Blogger platform.

Luke Through The Keyhole iMac Mockup

The previews of each blog post are featured prominently on the homepage, making the main content of the site immediately available to the user. The "Read More" call to action buttons draw the eye and tempt the visitor to click through to the detailed blog post.

Luke Through The Keyhole iMac Mockup

The featured image for the post is positioned right at the start of the page to create interest for the user and draw them into the content. Text is interspersed with images to add variety for the user.