Phabulous Photo Phanatics

Phabulous Photo Phanatics Macbook Pro, iPad and iPhone mockup

Phabulous Photo Phanatics is a fictional photography company, with a range of services available to their customers. The website is clean and stylish, but most importantly shows off the best assets of the company - the stunning imagery.

Phabulous Photo Phanatics gallery page

The gallery page utilises a JavaScript layout called Masonry. This automatically detects the size of the browser window and re-arranges the images accordingly to fill any gaps. It also does this on the fly - as you make your browser window smaller or larger, you will see the images magically re-arrange themselves to fit the available space.

Luke Through The Keyhole iMac Mockup

The mobile menu is cleverly hidden in a drawer - as you press the menu button, the whole content of the page slides to one side, revealing the navigation items below. The submenus likewise move across to display the appropriate navigation options for that section. Arrows allow you to switch between each area. This is a brilliant use of space, and is an excellent alternative to the more traditional dropdown menu.

Luke Through The Keyhole iMac Mockup

The services pages are stylishly designed to focus attention on the content. Short blocks of text keep the user engaged, all interspersed with more examples of quality photography. The customer testimonials feature large, punchy quote marks and portrait images to draw the user's attention to an area which might otherwise be overlooked.